Department Of Labor Cites BP Refinery for Workplace Violations

by Mikal C. Watts on 09/21/2012

BP’s lackluster safety record is under the microscope again as a Washington labor agency cites the company for several safety violations.  The Washington Department Of Labor and Industries has issued a citation to the BP Cherry Point petroleum refinery for several safety violations.

The citations are related to a fire that occurred at the BP Cherry Point Petroleum Refinery in Blaine, Washington in February.  The fire began after a corroded deadleg pipe exploded.  The fire quickly spread throughout the refinery, and fortunately, no fatalities or serious injuries were reported.  The Department of Labor and Industries began an investigation of the BP refinery after the fire.

Now, the Department Of Labor and Industries has cited the BP Cherry Point Refinery for not ensuring that proper and accepted good engineering practices were followed during the inspection and testing procedures.  The agency has proposed penalties of $65,000.  The agency has also cited BP with 5 additional violations, for its failure to conduct operations according to process safety management standards.

No Texas work injury lawyer will find it a matter of coincidence that BP is linked to some of the biggest workplace safety disasters in recent years.  In 2005, the company's refinery in Texas City was the scene of a major explosion that killed 15 workers.  The offshore oil drilling industry has not yet recovered from the Deepwater Horizon explosion, involving a semisubmersible rig that was operated by BP.

The company recently also suffered another setback when the federal administration announced that it would continue to pursue charges of gross negligence against BP for its role in contributing to the 2010 Gulf of Mexico offshore explosion and spill.  Although the federal announcement wasn't exactly surprising, it still cements BP’s reputation as a company that takes workplace safety issues lightly.

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